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  ABS Commemoration Remark
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1014-16 ֵ Shilla Hotel ̱ȸ(American Bureau of Shipping) Annual Dinner ־ϴ. ABS â 150ֳ ѱ 50ֳ ϴ ڸ , ؿȸ ǥ 𿴽ϴ.


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ABS Commemorative Remark.                      2011.10.14-16.


Dear Chairman Robert D. Somerville,

Chairman Kyuho Hwang,

Andre Han,


Ladies and Gentlemen,


We are here tonight to enjoy ABS Annual gathering in the beautiful Jejus atmosphere. But, this time, the gathering is somewhat different from our usual autumn festival.


We are commemorating 150th anniversary of ABS. I do not know how long 150 years means, because I have not lived that long to see it. Only history book says that it was about time when President Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated his office in States, and Choi Jae woo created Donghak in Korea. It is then a fairly long time indeed. Many congratulations for ABS to achieve a great success and prosperity for both of industries and ABS itself during such a period of a very rough sea.

We are also witnessing another memorable event tonight, 50 years of ABS presence in Korea, most of that I vividly remember for its contribution to Korean shipbuilding and shipping industry. Many, many thanks for that, on behalf of Korean shipbuilders and ship operators.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


These industries related with ships have bestowed us great pride and given us the reasons to struggle for the past four tough decades. We have erected the best shipbuilding house in the world on this barren Korean soil. People leisurely say it is a miracle, but it is not. It was made by the sweat, blood and tear of the people involved in the industry. It is not yet all. We have luckily had ABS beside us who has led this ignorant and inexperienced people to knowledgeable, experienced and self-confident veterans, assuring the outside market with its own confidence for the totally unknown people. We are proud and pleased to find ourselves to come all the way with ABS.

We are especially grateful for Bob to stay with us all the period, regardless rainy or sunny days, until now. We hope he would be stand  beside us for many more years to encourage  our spirit to keep the exertion to maintain this industry healthy and prosperous. Three to four minutes were given by Andre. I have to close my remark here. Thanks again ABS. Thank you Bob for your support. We love you all from the deep in our heart.


Thank you friends, ladies and gentlemen. Please enjoy your wonderful evening.