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  Korea Report - December 2011
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Korea Report - December, 2011.




  Top 10 News Stories of 2011.

  Illegal Chinese fishing boats attacked SKorean coast guard to stab the officers.

  National Assembly approved the KW325.4 tril national budget for 2012.

  NKorean leader Kim Jong-il has died of a heart attack on 17th at the age of 69.

  Norths dependence on China remained high at 80.2% in 2010.

  BOK dimmed the countrys growth forecast in 2012 to 3.7%.

  Major listed companies in SKorea saw NK as less of a risk than European debt crisis.

  Korea has achieved $1 tril in annual trade volume.

  SKorea's trade surplus grew $4 bil on-year to $49.7 bil in Dec.

  Hana Financial Group agreed with Lone Star on an 11% cut in takeover price for KEB.

  Koreas financial regulator gave green light to countrys first 12 homegrown hedge funds.

  SEC ranked fifth in the global IT list of market capitalization, overtaking Oracle.

  Hyundai Motor Group expects to post bigger earning this year than Samsung Group.

  Public prosecutors investigating alleged embezzlement at SK Group.

  SKorea's consumer price index rose 4.2% in Dec on-year.

  BOK froze the benchmark rates at 3.25% for the sixth straight month.

  Major Korean yards have exceeded annual target of the order with $62.5 bil in total.

  Major local yards concluded negotiation with Japanese steel mill at $770-780 per ton.

  HMD delivered 89 ships in 2011, the biggest volume since its establishment.

  Government is trying again to sell part of its stake in DSME, but with a new twist.

  The creditors of Sungdong Shipyard finalized the plan to normalize the yard.




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