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  Korea Report - January 2012
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Korea Report - January, 2012.




   SKorea, China and Japan will likely start their first round of trilateral free trade negotiations.

   Koreas financial aid to underdeveloped and developing countries surpassed $1 bil per annum.

   SKorea decided to reduce its oil imports from Iran in steps.

   The year of 2012 is year of elections, National Assembly in April and next president in Dec.

   NKorean media opened New Year emphasizing loyalty to regime and new leader Kim Jong-un.

   SKorea's economic growth slowed to 3.6% in 2011 on-year.

   SKorea's trade balance turned into the red with deficit of $1.96 bil, for the first time in 24 months.

   Koreas trade deficit with Japan sharply fell last year.

   FSC approved Hana Financial Groups bid to take over Korea Exchange Bank.

   SKorea's average gasoline price surged 12.8% on-year to KW1,929 ($1.68) per liter in 2011.

   Political circle are racing to attack chaebols for the votes in coming election.

   Samsung Electronics overtook Nokia for the top spot in world mobile phone sales.

   Overseas orders for industrial plants rose to a new all-time high last year.

   KWon has been strengthened against USDollar.

   Korean builders expect sustainable market on high value ships in 2012.

   Korean shipbuilders prepare a joint bid for the GTT design.

   Korean owner cinsider expansion of fleet taking advantage of low newbuilding prices.

   BDI dropped to just 726 on 27th, the lowest since Dec 2008.




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