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  Korea Report - February 2012
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Korea Report - February, 2012.




Korea-US FTA will take effect on March 15, nearly 6 years after negotiations began in June 2006.

SKorea's imports of Iranian crude nosedived 45.1% on-month in Dec to around 4.58 mil barrels.

The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit with Top leaders from 53 countries is a month away.

Korean Wave generated the highest overseas profit in 2011.

Criticism of Beijing for turning a deaf ear to humanitarian concerns on defectors has been mounting.

NK has offered a temporary way to halt its uranium enrichment program in exchange for more food.

Koreas economy grew 3.4% on-year in the fourth quarter last year.

HSBC has predicted that Korea would overtake the UK in trade ranking within 15 years.

Korea will develop on a 35% of its oil and natural gas demands by 2020.

Retail prices of premium gasoline in Korea hit their highest levels at KW2,216.15 ($1.96) per liter.

Korea has seen an unprecedented concentration of wealth in the nations top 10 conglomerates.

Share price of SEC hit its highest point ever of KW1.2 mil ($1,100) per share.

Hynix Semiconductor finally found a new owner in SK Telecom.

KOSPI jumped to 2030 boosted by a rally in chipmakers and shipbuilders.

HSBC predicted that the KWon is likely to firm up the most among Asian currencies.

Amid the slump in shipping, new building market surprisingly moves active in Feb.

The performances of HHI and SHI in 2011 declined in profit in the range of 20-30%.

The KOEXIM Bank has $13 bil available to kick-start the shipbuilding industry in 2012.

Sekwang, Samho and 21C are facing liquidation.

Domestic Big 3 shipping companies recorded loss in 2011 but expect profit in 2012.




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