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  Korea Report - March 2012
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Korea Report - March, 2012.




Nuclear Security Summit took place at COEX, Seoul during March 26-27.

President Lee held top-level bilateral talks with leaders of 25 countries.

Korea-US free trade agreement went into effect as of March 15.

China renewed a claim to jurisdiction over Ieodo Korea.

NK said it would launch a satellite in mid-April to mark the centennial birthday of Kim Il-sung.

Koreas per capita GNI have surpassed $30,000 for the first time in history last year.

Foreign investment banks projected the SKorean economy would expand 3.3% in 2012.

SKoreas exports and imports fell for the first time in 2 and a half years in March.

The average gasoline price in Seouls 25 districts rose above KW2,000 per liter.

Korean government will introduce a growth-sharing certification program in April.

Samsung positioned itself as the global top smartphone manufacturer.

Koreas stock transactions surged to a 33 month-high in Feb.

SKoreas foreign reserves came to a record high of $315.95 bil at the end of March.

BOK held the benchmark rate unchanged at 3.25%.

Ship building price has been fallen for 8 consecutive month.

The gap in the technologies between Korea and China is reported still substantial.

Demolition of 57 mil DWT is expected this year.

The accumulated delivery of ships in HHI surpassed the milestone 100 mil GT.

HMD set a milestone in vessel construction with the delivery of its 600th product in just 14 years.

Government has approved Asia Pacific 20 fund applied by Korea Shipping Fund.




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