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  Korea Report - April 2012
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Korea Report - April, 2012.




Saenuri Party won a dramatic victory in general election on 11th.

Jim Yong Kim has been chosen to be the next president of the World Bank.

The opposition urged the government to immediately ban the import of US beef.

NK launched a long-range rocket carrying a small satellite from the Dongchang-ri launch facility.

NK threatened to wage a retaliation war against SKorea.

Moody's upgraded its outlook on SKorea's sovereign credit rating.

The current account surplus reached $3.04 bil in April.

Samsung Electronics (SEC) saw its first-quarter earnings hit an all-time high.

SEC overtook Nokia as the worlds biggest vendor of mobile-phones.

HMC and Kia posted all-time high monthly sales in EU market in March.

SKoreas forex reserves soared to reach record high of $316.84 bil at the end of April.

SKoreas consumer inflation rate recorded 2.5% in April on-year.

SKoreas jobless rate decelerated to 3.7% in March, down from 4.2% in Feb.

Korea won 50.7% of all global orders in the first quarter.

Big 3 estimate around 50% drop on-year in their operating profit in the first quarter.

Gazprom expects maximum 40 LNG carriers to be built.

The industry expects the scrapping of ships reach 50 mil DWT this year.

Busan saw total container traffic expand 13.7% in Feb on-year.





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