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  Korea Report - May 2012
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Korea Report - May, 2012.




  Leaders of SKorea, Japan and China held their annual trilateral summit in Beijing on 13th.

  Yeosu Expo 2012 to kick off on 12th for next 3 months.

  Korea is going ahead with two new nuclear power plants.

  Korea launched its third Earth observation satellite.

  President Lee likened NK to a misbehaving child for ignoring the advice of other countries.

  The air forces of Korea and USA launched their largest joint drill.

  Finance Minister did not need to change Seouls 3.7% growth forecast.

  SKorea's trade surplus widened slightly in May to $2.4 bil.

  The government launched the war on loan sharks.

  President Lee calls for shared growth between big firms and small.

  Samsung launched its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S3 in 28 countries at once.

  SK Hynix decided not to participate in the bid for Tokyo-based Elpida Memory.

  The benchmark KOSPI plunged to 1782 from 1999, while KWon against USD weakened to 1185.

  SKorea's consumer prices rose 2.5% in May and jobless rate decelerated to 3.5% in April.

  Koreas investment firms increase their commitment in shipbuilding.

  BOK has developed SBI, Shipbuilding Business Index.

  DSME has obtained the approvals from LRS for its cargo containment system of LNGC.

  STX Group expects some cash injection to ease the liquidity.




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