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  Korea Report - June 2012
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Korea Report - June, 2012.




  SKorea and Colombia concluded a bilateral FTA.

  EU's decision to impose embargo on Iranian crude oil signals setbacks in crude supply to Korea .

  The Iran ambassador in Seoul warned that Iran may fully stop importing Korean goods.

  Korea drives green growth strategy globally.

  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was named the winner of this years Seoul Peace Prize.

  SKorea joined the club of 50 mil population-$20,000 per capita income.

  SKorea is walking a tightrope between allies surrounding the Peninsula.

  Pyongyang continues saber-rattling.

  Finance Ministry lowered its projection for the nations GDP growth for this year to 3.3%.

  SKorea reported its biggest trade surplus in June in 21 months.

  Samsung launched its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S3.

  SEC claimed its first victory in the global patent dispute with its rival Apple Inc.

  SK Hynix acquired Italian Ideaflash and US LAMD to prepare next generation.

  KOSPI on its rollercoaster.

  Korea's consumer prices rose 2.2% in June on-year and jobless rate stood at 3.1% in May.

  Yards face troubles with plunging prices to the lowest in 8 years, on top of shortage of backlog.

  Oil majors are visiting Koreas Big 3 to tap the possibilities of building FLNGs in Korea.

  Owners accused the yards to cause the crisis in shipping in Posidonia.

  Car carrier orders are increasing.




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