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  Korea Report - August 2012
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Korea Report - August, 2012.




President Lee made a surprise visit to Dokdo and urged Japan to sincerely address its atrocities.

Korea is likely to resume the import of Iranian oil from mid-Sept.

Saenuri Party members and supporters hoisted Park Geun-hye as their presidential candidate.

The Expo 2012 Yeosu ended its 93-day run on 12th, with visitors exceeding the 8 mil.

SKorea won 13 golds to rank fifth in the general standings in London Summer Olympic.

Lydia Ko, 15 years old, won US Womens Amateur championship and LPGA Canadian Womens Open in 3 weeks.

NK implements a new economic management system.

Moodys upgraded SKoreas sovereign credit rating one notch from A1 to Aa3.

Annual economic growth of 3% is no longer attainable for Korea.

Hanwha Group chairman Kim was sentenced to a 4-year prison term.

Apple scored a sweeping victory in patent war over Samsung in USA but lost in Korea and Japan.

The country's consumer price index rose 1.2% on-year in Aug, the slowest click in 12 years.

World order backlog has dropped below 100 mil CGT, for the first time since May 2005.

Korean yards posted increased sale but saw a slump in second quarter profits in 2Q.

Korean yards started to chase fundraiser by selling their own bonds.

KOEXIM launched a pilot scheme to loan towards used vessels for SME operators.





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