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  Korea Report - September 2012
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Korea Report - September, 2012.




Gangnam Style and Psys trademark horse-riding dance has taken the pop world by storm.

Tensions are running high between Seoul and Tokyo over the dispute on Dokdo and sex slaves.

Rev Moon Sun-myung, the founder of the Unification Church died.

Kim Ki-duk received the Golden Lion award for his film Pieta in Venice Film Festival.

NK could lose as much as 13% of its grain harvest this year as a result of drought and flood.

The government plans to spend KW342.5 tril ($305.6 bil) in 2013, an increase of 5.3% on-year.

All Big Three credit rating agencies upgraded the ratings of Korea, higher than Japan.

10 foreign investment banks forecast the Korean economy to grow an average 2.6% this year.

Samsung saw record sales of its flagship Galaxy S3 in a short period of time.

The patent battle between Samsung and Apple is intensifying in 10 countries.

SKorea's consumer prices grew 2% on-year in Sept, from the 1.2% gain in Aug.

Ship Price Index plunged to 127, the lowest since March 2004.

The global order backlog continues the drop to 96.4 mil CGT at the end of Aug, the lowest since 2005.

5 local power generating companies plan to jointly employ the new 7 x 150K class bulkers.

HHI made surprise move for the bidding to acquire a 41.75% stake in Korea Aerospace Ind.

Creditors of Sungdong Shipbuilding decided to inject fresh financing of KW550 bil ($550 mil) through 2013.

Vale signed the Sale & Charter Back Agreement with Polaris Shipping for 10 VLOCs.




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