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  Korea Report - November 2012
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Korea Report - November, 2012.




Presidential candidates, Park and Moon, registered as official candidates in knife-edge race.

SKorea, China and Japan declared the kickoff of the official negotiations for a trilateral FTA.

SKorea ranked second among OECD economies in R&D investment.

Korea welcomed the 10 millionth visitor of the year on 21st.

Psy continues to take the world by storm.

SKoreas sovereign rating surged the most among members of the OECD in the past 5 years.

Nations major think tanks/brokerages expect Korean economy to grow average of 3.2% next year.

SKorea posted current account surplus for ninth straight month in Oct as exports gained ground.

Lone Star Funds filed investor-state dispute arbitration claims against Korean government.

SKoreas total debt neared the KW3,000 tril ($2.75 tril) mark in the second quarter.

Koreas national brand value was worth $1.6 tril, ranking ninth among 39 countries worldwide.

Samsung will sell 61.5 mil units of smartphones in 4Q.

HMC completed its vehicle assembly lines on 4 continents.

Exchange rate of KWon against USDollar has been strengthened to 1082.

SKorea's consumer prices grew to 1.6% on year in Nov at the slowest pace in 3 months.

1,053 vessels of a cumulative 48.9 mil dwt, the largest volume in history, sold for scrap.

Major yards issued overall KW4.227 tril of corporate bonds this year to ease liquidity difficulties.

5 Korean electric power companies invited owners for a total of 9 x 150K bulker newbuildings.

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